The solution for pollution Welcome to London Waste Removal Service. We are a company that is leading the garbage collection and proper disposal industry by a long shot. We are the most amazing service for waste management London has ever known. We help you clean your houses, business places, gardens, backyards, demolition sites, and construction sites. We pride ourselves on being the premium service for waste removal London has ever seen.We offer 24/7 service, cheap prices, and on top of that stunning discounts.

What We Offer

Domestic Waste
Commercial & Offices
Builders & Construction
Demolition Waste


When we say 24/7 junk removal service, we mean 24/7 service for junk removal London has witnessed. We are there for you even on weekends. We will pick up your trash according to whatever time suits you. We can even deliver same day services. Once you have witnessed our exceptional rubbish removal services, you will never want to go anywhere else.


Whether you live in Hackney, Harrow, or Bromley waste collection services by London Waste Removal Service are always on time. We are never late. Picking up trash is a serious business and we treat it as such. We are the best timed service for rubbish clearance London knows and


Our highly skilled staff are exceptional rubbish clearance service providers. They have years of experience behind them. Once they’re through with your rubbish, it’ll be like it never existed. No matter what type of driveway you have, they know exactly how to do their jobs. They are the best service providers for waste removal London has produced.


We offer the most affordable prices and amazing discounts for all our customers, previous or new. We have the most cost-efficient and budget-friendly services for waste removal London has ever seen. Our service starts from cheap prices and goes on to higher cost depending on what kind of rubbish clearance service you need. Book online or call us to get amazing quotes.


We pride ourselves on being the greatest service for waste clearance London has ever witnessed. And we are the best because we have strict rules and policies. That is one of the major reasons why people acknowledge us as the ultimate service for junk removal London and beyond.


Not only do we have a highly trained staff, but we also have the most courteous staff ever. That’s why our customers claim that we have the premium services for rubbish removal London and beyond.


When it comes to reliable service for rubbish removal London hasn’t seen anything like us. We have a proven track record for it. From your bin to the dump, we are all over it.


No matter what kind of wastage you’re talking about, we will handle it. We have no qualms with any kind of trash. That is why we say that we are the best service for junk removal London knows and trusts.


Let us tell you how we came to be called the best service for waste management London knows.

01Get a Quote

If you’re looking for the most amazing waste clearance London has ever seen, you’ve come to the right place.Get a free quote and let us handle all your garbage and your worries.

02Rubbish Removal

No matter where you live, Harrow, Camden, or Bromley rubbish collection services by London Waste Removal Service will pick up your trash on time, every time. We take our jobs seriously. Just tell us what time you want us to be there and we will take care of everything else. We are the industry leaders in waste collection London has every known.

03Responsible Disposal

When we say we are the best service for waste collection London has ever seen, we don’t just mean collection, we also mean proper disposal. We collect your trash and dispose of it according to the rules set by the authorities. Whether you live in Harrow, Ealing, or Bromley waste collection staff will be promptly at your doorstep.

Backyard Clearance Service

We all have gardens and backyards in our houses but don’t you have time to clean it? Don’t worry, call us and place your bookings we will get at your place on time to clean it by acquiring our waste collection service.

Junk Removal London

That lawn is boiling up with trash bags. Does it spoiling the looks of your mesmerizing lawn and covering the playing area for your children? Hire ours instant waste clearance service across London to clean it up.

Lawn Wastage Removal

The street is of full with the garbage. Having difficulty in walking through the street? No more troubles, we have our highly trained staff to work and clear the street junk and rubbish removal service near Bromley.


We are a locally owned junk removal service company that has been serving London for a long time. Whether you reside in Bexley or Bromley rubbish collection is not a problem for you anymore. Our rubbish removal services are there for you. We offer the best service for waste management London and beyond because we have the latest machinery and vans and highly skilled men on the job. It’s no wonder all our clients believe us to be the best service for rubbish clearance London has seen or even the UK. We are cheaper than a skip hire.



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